Whether your business is firmly established or currently in the planning phase, you want to ensure that your interactions with the public, the government, and other companies comply with all necessary legal requirements. The laws concerning taxation, sales, employment, real estate, and intellectual property are just a few areas in which the savvy business owner will recognize a need for legal assistance.

Macchi Law Group exists for just that purpose: to assist business owners, like yourself, with meeting their legal responsibilities while avoiding unwanted entanglements. Here are a few of the ways in which our business law attorneys can help you get and keep your business on a profitable course.

Entity Selection and Formation

Before any new company opens its doors, it must decide on the type of business entity that suits its needs. A new company must also ensure that the formation itself complies in all ways with the law.

You can set up your business as a:

  • Sole Proprietorship.
  • Full, Limited, Family, or Professional Partnership.
  • Limited Liability Company.
  • C-Corporation.
  • S-Corporation.
  • Professional Corporation.
  • Personal Services Corporation.
  • Nonprofit Organization.

Selecting the appropriate business entity can enable you to shield all owners from personal liability, but any mistake with entity selection could very well expose the personal assets of each owner to the whims of your company’s creditors and/or investors. Macchi Law Group will see to it that your business setup protects the interests of every party while steering clear of potentially costly errors in entity formation.

Nonprofit Organizations

Any charitable, religious, scientific, literary, or educational organization that meets certain legal requirements may qualify as a nonprofit organization. Regardless of whether you choose to incorporate, your nonprofit status will relieve you of the need to pay state and federal taxes. Macchi Law Group will assist you with the startup of your nonprofit organization correctly to ensure that you receive the vital 501(c)(3) exemption.

Drafting Internal Business Documents

Internal agreements serve as vital roadmaps that direct any business’s owners through proper management. When drawn up correctly, internal agreements will determine the ways in which your company operates, makes business decisions, distributes profits and losses, and transfers rights of ownership. From corporate bylaws to partnership agreements and shareholders agreements, Macchi Law Group will take the necessary pains to ensure the proper drafting of these documents.

Client contracts are equally important. In addition to spelling out each party’s requirements, a properly composed document will detail the specific procedures to follow in the event of a dispute. Legal assistance from the Macchi Law Group will save you money while ensuring enforceability by drafting and executing your contracts in accordance with existing commercial codes.


When things aren’t going exactly as they should, you might think it’s time to revise your business plan. Although it’s never wise to jump the gun, you might consider taking this step if you’re facing:

  • A decline in cash balance.
  • A failure of your company to reach its goals.
  • A rise or fall in assumptions.
  • Plummeting sales.
  • Changing times.
  • A shrinking client or customer base.

Although escalating problems will often trigger a need to revise your business plan, new opportunities can do so as well.

Transactions, Dissolutions, and Management Counseling

While some business owners can easily handle many types of commercial transactions without legal assistance, things like Internet sales or securities regulations can reach a level of complication not known in earlier times. When difficult situations arise, your most important concern can swing from increasing capital toward avoiding litigation. Macchi Law Group can assist you in taking the pre-emptive measures that keep your business out of court before disputes ever arise.

You can always rely on the attorneys at Macchi Law Group to assist you with such things as mergers, acquisitions, revisions, transactions, and even dissolutions if the need should arise. It all comes down to expertise. Whether you operate an established business or plan to start a new one, access to the best in legal advice can dictate whether you fail or succeed. Macchi Law Group is ready to help. Schedule a consultation today.