Why You Should Hire a Licensed Attorney

Business AttorneyThe longer you stay in business, the more likely you are to run into legal issues of increasing complexity. Are you trying to solve them on your own? If so, you could be making a big mistake.

For large corporations with in-house legal departments, dealing with these problems will sometimes go more smoothly. Unfortunately, many businesses have neither the office space nor the financial resources required to establish or maintain such a department. Even in those businesses that do, in-house attorneys frequently suffer from work overload.

In situations such as these, the option of outsourcing your business’s legal issues to a licensed attorney becomes much more attractive. It makes sense because:

  • Outside experts know a thing or two. The majority of business owners in and around the Philadelphia area will admit to a serious lack of expertise in the legal department. As many as three out of four business owners will try to muddle through legal issues without attempting to secure outside assistance. Some would compare this reluctance to a refusal to ask for guidance when lost in a strange location. Just as driving blind without directions could land you in an unsavory neighborhood, running a business without a qualified lawyer’s guidance could generate legal problems that result in penalties, higher taxes, and declining investment capital.
  • Business owners have other important matters on their plates. The simple day-to-day aspects of running a business can often swamp the savviest businessman. A few legal problems thrown into the mix will quickly eat into the time you need to keep your business on a profitable path. Outsourcing your legal issues, on the other hand, allows you to gain the wisdom of experts while devoting your particular talents to growing your organization.
  • In-house legal departments cost money. Although having a staff of attorneys at hand may offer a certain convenience, it is bound to come at a high price. You will need to provide these employees with office space. You will also be responsible for paying their salaries, matching their retirement plans, and providing them with healthcare, insurance, vacation time, and more. Outsourced legal assistance, on the other hand, will cost you no more than the time the attorneys actually spend working for you.
  • Expert assistance with familiarity of the problem at hand. Legal issues can rise to a level of difficulty that far exceeds the coping abilities of you or anyone on your staff. When you require such specialized assistance, it helps to have the aid of outside licensed attorneys who will save you money while providing the knowledge and experience needed to resolve these matters properly.
  • A speedy turnaround. In and around the Philadelphia area, business owners who choose to outsource their legal issues are routinely surprised by the quick resolutions that result. In most cases, outsourced legal assistance will almost certainly resolve your issues more quickly than you or even an in-house lawyer could fit into a frequently hectic schedule.
  • Time to dedicate to the bigger picture. You’re a business person, not an attorney. Your time is better spent building your company and growing your revenue. Outsourcing your company’s legal issues gives you time to focus on growing your business while leaving the heavy legal issues to licensed attorneys who have the energy and time to handle them properly.

Outsourcing with Macchi Law Group

If you’re a business owner in Philadelphia or the surrounding New Jersey and Pennsylvania areas, you may have already given thought to outsourcing your legal issues. If this is the case, Macchi Law Group can help. Our attorneys will lend their expertise and flexibility on an as-needed basis for all of your legal affairs. We will also advise you proactively to prevent mistakes from occurring in the future. To keep your business out of hot water, let Macchi Law Group handle your legal concerns while you concentrate on running your business. After all, running your business is what you do best.

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